El Salvador: Day Two

img_1212Today has been truly wonderful. This morning Mrs. Martha cooked pancakes and eggs. We dropped Martha and Veronica, their daughter off at the Market on our way to church. They will be preparing all the food for the pastors this week. Pastor Ed, Rosmery, Stephanie, and myself went across town to Trinity Baptist Church.

I am so glad to be able to spend a good portion of time with the same church. I am getting to know the wonderful people of this church and community and they are awesome. Two men, Modesto and Tony, are both incredibly kind and they both speak some English. It is nice to find people who can speak some English. It makes my total lack of Spanish a little less terrifying. Though I will say I am picking up some words very quickly. Everyone greets you and leaves you by saying “Dios te Bendiga,” or God bless you.

The morning worship service was great. They had a great worship band that led the music. Some of the songs are Spanish translations of English songs. All of the words are on the screen though so I can participate even if I don’t know quite what I am singing.

I preached from Ephesians 2:1-10 this morning. Pastor Ed translated. Admittedly, preaching with a translator is difficult. It is hard to get into a rhythm. But Pastor Ed is extremely gracious and patient and he makes it easy on me. He also takes time to explain things in Spanish that I might not realize need explanation. So that is good.

After the service we spent an hour or so talking and fellowshipping with some of the church members. They are all so loving and kind. They do not have deacons in their churches. They were interested in what our deacons do. So I showed them all the video of two of our deacons trying out the playground equipment. They certainly got a kick out of it.

When we arrived home after church Mrs. Martha, Stephanie, Veronica, and Rosmery prepared a great lunch for us. We had chicken and Cilantro soup, grilled chicken, rice, homemade salsa, chiles, and homemade Tortillas. Pastor Ed told me that if you can find a woman that knows how to make tortillas you need to keep her. I told them that in img_1222Georgia you find a woman who can make biscuits and hang on to her. The tortillas are delicious. I also tried a new kind of fruit called Liches. It looks like a big hairy strawberry and it tastes somewhere between a plum and a Kiwi. It was pretty good.

After lunch I got a few much needed minutes to rest and look over my sermon for the evening.

This evening we went to the district of Soyapango to Tabernaculo Biblico Bautista El Camino. This evening was my first time with Rosmery translating. She did an excellent job. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to translate someone’s sermon. To try to capture the spirit and the feeling with which a sermon is being preached must be a difficult task. But Pastor Ed and Rosmery have both done wonderful jobs. The congregation was older than the one at Trinity. You can sense though that they have a lot of maturity and wisdom. Their pastor is Pastor Clamente. Pastor Ed was preaching in another church so Pastor Clamente helped us home.

It turns out that KiKi, Martha’s brother, has liver failure (not kidney failure). They have him on a new course of medicine that seems to be working. Please continue to pray for him and for Martha especially. I can tell that she loves her brother dearly.

I am so humbled here. These people are so wonderful and they seem to be such godly, Christ-centered people. They are hungry for the Word. They worship wholeheartedly. They pray fervently. I feel so inadequate to teach them anything. Already this has been a time of refreshing for me.

I am working on my Spanish… I have a long way to go. I appreciate so much all the prayers from all of you. Please continue praying. Tomorrow I will begin teaching New Testament to the first group of pastors. I am told that Pastor Clamente will be taking us to a Police building on Tuesday where we will have, what I am told, is akin to grits. We will see about that. I am sure though, like everything I have done here thus far, it will be awesome.

Thank you again for your continued prayers. I look forward to seeing you all soon!