El Salvador: Day Six

img_1284Today has been a good day. It is El Salvador’s independence day. In fact, as I am writing there are fireworks going off outside. Mrs. Martha made pancakes, bacon, and eggs for breakfast this morning. I felt right at home… That is until Rosmery started saying the Salvadoran pledge and the Salvadoran national anthem. Their pledge is very long. I am glad ours is relatively short. It makes it easy to remember. It is funny, being here in El Salvador for their independence day makes me miss the United States. I know that the United States is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but living in another country for a week has made me extremely thankful for my country.

We left early this morning for the district of Soyapango. Today was the last day teaching New Testament. We went through the New Testament epistles and Revelation. This was a long day of teaching and we covered a lot of ground. We had some very good questions and discussion. We were able to talk extensively about img_1285marriage and family relationships. We were also able to talk about the character and elements of the local church. I truly hope that I have been a blessing to these pastors. I know that they have been a blessing to me. They are working so hard in their ministries. They are passionate about growing in Christ and in their knowledge of the Scriptures. It is so encouraging. Being with these pastors has made me even more excited to get back to Waleska to minister to the people
there. After the class we presented Bibles and resources to the pastors. They were img_1296very excited over these. I know that these resources will be a blessing to their ministries.

We came back home for a short break this afternoon before heading to Trinity
Baptist Church for the evening img_1292teaching. This was my final night with these lay-leaders. I am so thankful for their commitment and their faithfulness to this class. This is a precious group of people and I know God is going to do great things through this church and these leaders. Rosmery translated for me tonight and she did a wonderful job as usual.

After the class was over pastor Oscar (pastor of Trinity Baptist Church) and his img_1293family invited us to go to dinner with them. We went to the Finite Pupuseria. This was the absolute best way to wrap up the week here! I got to try some new Pupusas tonight. I tried one with cheese, one with beans and cheese, and one with pork and cheese. I know that I talk about Pupusas a lot but I am serious… This is the best thing I have ever eaten. I don’t know why we don’t have a pupuseria in Georgia. I might look into that.

img_1301I so enjoy the fellowship of these people. They are so loving and kind. So many times I have been told that I am family. And they don’t just say it, I have truly felt like family here. I am so thankful for the impact that these people have had on my life and I pray that my time here has been edifying for them as well.

img_1302Tonight is bittersweet. I have so missed my family and friends from home. I miss my church and my community. But I will greatly miss these people as well. I will miss their smiles and their kind words. I will miss Pastor Ed and his wisdom, Mrs. Martha and her delicious cooking, Veronica and her contagious laugh, Rosmery and her passion for the Lord, and img_1294Stephanie’s meek spirit. I will miss Tony and his love and care for his people. I will miss Oscar and his family and the sweet church in Trinidad. I will miss the pastors from Miramonte and from Soyaponga. And I will miss Pupusas most of all….

I look forward to what tomorrow brings. I know it will be sad to leave El Salvador behind. But I know there will be a handsome young Canaan, a quirky little Rebekah, and a smoking hot Katie waiting for me when my feet hit American soil.

Hasta manana hermanas y hermanos.