El Salvador: Day Seven and Recap

img_1305My last day in El Salvador was bittersweet. I did not know what to expect when I came to this country seven days ago. I had no clue what kind of impact my time here would have on my life. I knew that it would be different from home. I knew that I would be tired. But I could have never imagined the blessing that it would be to spend these days alongside these pastors and leaders who are working every day to fulfill the Great Commission in their nation.

In the United States I think often times we think that other countries need us. We think that they are not as privileged as us and that they need our help. We think that because other nations are not as materially wealthy that they must not be as spiritually healthy. This is such a fallacy. I have learned an unimaginable amount from these pastors and leaders. They have taught me as much if not more than I have taught them. I have learned and grown from their passion for ministry, their love for their people, their hunger for the Word, their sacrificial service, and from their deeply rooted desire to see their nation come to faith in Jesus Christ.

My last day in in El Salvador we ate a great breakfast of chicken, pepper, and tomatoes wrapped in grilled tortillas. img_1315Before we left we prayed together one last time. I said goodbye to Mrs. Martha before we left. She is so sweet. I will miss her care and for sure her delicious cooking. After I said goodbye to Mrs. Martha the rest of us left for town. We went to a market with some souvenirs and Salvadoran things. I got Katie and the kids a few things. Pastor Ed and Rosmery also got some gifts for Katie and the kids. After getting these gifts we went to the grocery store so I could get some coffee. Salvadoran coffee is amazing and so I packed my suitcase full before leaving. We then drove to the National Police headquarters. There we met with some police officers. There was one officer that has started a church. He has a great ministry to other police officers. I gave the police officers some patches and pins img_1306from the Ellijay Police Department and Pastor Ed gave them two cases of Bibles.

After meeting with the police we drove to the airport. At the airport I said goodbye to Veronica, Stephanie, Rosmery, and Pastor Ed. I had to hold back tears. I have grown to love this family and ministry very much. I boarded my Delta flight for home and arrived in Atlanta at 6:15 PM. I was met outside of customs by my loving family that I have missed so much this week. We only made it a few miles up the road before we had to stop. I needed a good American bacon cheeseburger… Sometimes you just need the taste of home.

img_1319I will never forget this week of my life. I pray and hope that I was a blessing to the people that I met and ministered to. I know they were great blessings to me. I hope that God will bless me with the chance to go back again.

Thank you for your prayers and for your encouraging words throughout the week. I have missed you all and I cannot wait to see you all tomorrow bright and early! img_1320